Greencore Grocer Hull

A vital slice of knowledge

“Our company bakery is located on a 13-acre site in Hull, UK where we manufacture celebration cakes, Christmas cakes and desserts.

With a seasonal workforce of up to approximately 1200 people, split across three zones, we were looking for a training course that would give our staff better knowledge, capabilities and confidence to be able to question things and start working out problems for themselves. That’s why we opted for the IOSH Managing Safely course.

All our supervisors and managers were subsequently put through training, provided by an external trainer. During that training, they were encouraged to talk about their roles. By articulating their own experiences, they realised that safety and health was an inherent part of their working lives.

Colleagues at Greencore have changed how they look at safety and health as a whole. They now have the conviction to challenge what they see as unsafe.

Once our colleagues complete the training, they’re more eager to get involved. It means they now take an active role in managing the safety in their working areas.” Michael Barden Safety, Health and Environment Manager at Greencore.

Three happy delegates…

“It’s an enjoyable course. My job involves developing processes within the production lines, so we have to look at making them as safe as possible for everyone.”

“It’s teaching us to look at health and safety and risk assessment from a different perspective to what we’re used to.”

“I’ve gained a lot of knowledge – so I’m looking forward to developing that more once the course is finished.”

Company profile:

The UK grocery business manufactures ambient cooking sauces, table sauces, pickles, Yorkshire puddings, cakes and desserts for most of the major UK retailers. Greencore Grocery Division is the UK’s leading manufacturer of private label cooking sauces and pickles, producing more than 160 million units per year across 600 different product lines. Greencore Grocery is also a major producer of celebration and Christmas cakes as well as chilled desserts. Hull is one of several centres of the Greencore group in Britain.

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