Continuing professional development courses

Keep your knowledge and skills up to date

IOSH Continuing professional development (CPD) courses are ideal for learning about a new area of safety and health or refreshing existing knowledge on a particular topic. We spoke to a selection of delegates to see what they thought of the courses so far.

Each course takes one to two days and IOSH members can benefit from a special discounted rate. You can find out more about each course and book your place using the links below.

Better Behavioural Safety - How to apply Behavioural Science to Improve Performance

Learn how to apply the principles of behavioural science to influence behaviour and shift mindsets towards sustainable excellence in safety and health related performance.

28 Aug 2019 - Leicester

02 Oct 2019 - Leicester

05 Dec 2019 - Leicester

Not able to attend? If the dates and locations above aren't suitable, you may be interested in the online version of the course. Please contact to enroll.

Board Masterclass for OSH Professionals

Develop the skills and confidence to discuss safety and health at board level and answer tough questions from directors and board members.

26 Sep 2019 - Leicester

05 Dec 2019 - Reading

Board Masterclass for OSH Professionals - Day 2

Explore in more detail some of the key suggestions from the Board Masterclass for OSH Professionals.

10 Oct 2019 - Nottingham

CDM - Understanding the regulations

Explore the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) from the point of view of the client, principal contractor and design team.

14 Oct 2019 - Leicester

10 Dec 2019 - Leicester

Change Management

Learn how to effectively support and acquire buy-in throughout periods of organisational change.

08 Nov 2019 - Islington

15 Nov 2019 - Islington

Coaching for Safety

Go beyond technical knowledge and learn how to effectively coach and collaborate with others to create a safer workplace.

10-11 Sep 2019 - Slough

03-04 Dec 2019 - Edinburgh

03-04 Mar 2020 - Leicester

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Principles and Practice

Explore the principles and best practice of Fire Safety Risk Assessment in line with current fire safety legislation and guidance.

15-16 Oct 2019 - Leicester

11-12 Dec 2019 - Leicester

From Accidents to Zero

An innovative, practical and interactive workshop highlighting the key leadership and culture aspects of performance related to workplace safety and health.

16 Sep 2019 - Leicester

12 Nov 2019 - Leicester

06 Dec 2019 - Leicester

Legal Updates for OSH Professionals

Access relevant and current information on legislation, prosecutions, HSE initiatives or what’s about to change in health and safety law. Delegates also have the opportunity to ask questions and network.

09 Oct 2019 - Leicester

15 Oct 2019 - Leicester

Legionella Management

Learn how to complete simple Legionella risk assessments, and implement and manage control strategies.

19-20 Aug 2019 - Leicester

11-12 Nov 2019 - Derby

Management Skills for the OSH Professional

Improve your ability to manage yourself, prioritise your workload, be more commercially astute and influence your peers and directors effectively.

03 Oct 2019 - Leicester

10 Oct 2019 - Leicester

Modern CoSHH Management

Develop a working knowledge of the theory and practice of carrying out assessment techniques and control strategies, arising from the use of substances in their workplace.

07-08 Nov 2019 - Leicester

12-13 Dec 2019 - Leicester

Modern Day Slavery

Understand the different forms of Modern Day Slavery and gain the tools for assessing and managing risk, preparing Modern Slavery Statement and responding to an incident of modern slavery.

10 Oct 2019 - Leicester

05 Feb 2020 - Leicester

Noise Measurement and Management Best Practice Workshop

A practical workshop covering regulations, terminology, the use of sound level meters and more.

08 Oct 2019 - Leicester

20 Nov 2019 - Slough

Re-thinking Risk - Systems Thinking for the OSH Practitioner

Develop a common language for talking about systemic issues and gain a view point that helps you objectively expand your view and influence over organisational and operational reality.

20-21 Nov 2019 - Manchester

04-05 March 2020 - Manchester

Value at risk - Streamlining Risk Assessments to improve quality

Explore what to assess and when not to write an assessment, why risk assessments fail to change behaviours, and what the new legal framework means to risk assessments.

29-30 Oct 2019 - Leicester

27-28 Jan 2020 - Leicester


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