ISO DIS 45001.2

About this consultation

The draft international standard ISO 45001.2 (Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use) has been edited by the ISO Secretariat and sent to all National Standards Bodies (NSB) for translation. Once translation is complete, the next public consultation will take place from 19 May 2017.


As ISO 45001.2 is already in English, BSI (the UK NSB) has provided a copy early.

As a result, IOSH is now able to make this available to IOSH members only for the sole purpose of responding to the consultation. It is covered by strict ISO copyright and must not be circulated to others or used for any other purposes.

Proposed changes

There is now a high-level of consensus achieved on the draft standard and so focus should be on any remaining significant issues and avoid revisiting areas previously submitted, but not accepted by the Work Group.

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Consultation questions

IOSH respondents were required to use a template to submit their responses, otherwise comments could not be considered.