IOSH Board Committees recruitment complete

A key part of IOSH’s drive to strengthen its governance and accountability has now been completed following the review of our Board Committee structure.

We successfully recruited to all committee positions introducing new talent and a range of different perspectives, and these are now delivering benefits which enhance IOSH’s governance systems and processes.

Our four Board Committees support the IOSH Board of Trustees in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to the Institution.

IOSH’s four Board Committees are:

  • Finance and Investment
  • Performance and Development
  • Audit and Risk
  • Policy and Standards

Tony Bough CFIOSH, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees, said:

“This new committee structure has been designed to reflect best governance practice and helps us to continue the modernisation of our organisation as part of IOSH’s WORK 2022 strategy.

“The way our committees work now ensures more independence and accountability and more focused responsibilities. We were pleased to be able to recruit excellent new committee members to fill vacancies and look forward to their valuable contributions.”

Arlette Anderson, Environment, Health and Safety Director at Gatwick Airport and a member of the Performance and Development Committee since early 2019, said:

“Being a member of this committee has already provided great opportunities to check-in at every meeting to assess how IOSH, as our professional membership body, is performing on behalf of its members, what it is doing around enhancing the profession and collaborating to influence in alignment with its WORK 2022 strategy.

“The committee enables me to volunteer and develop my own experience and views while contributing on behalf of members to strategic reviews of IOSH’s membership grades review, how well IOSH is performing in developing skills for the future of our evolving profession and emerging sectoral needs.

“It is interesting and useful to join with other volunteers bringing a vast range of experience to critically evaluate the organisation’s strategies and activities.”

Find out more about our Board Committees, their remits, how they support our strategy, our charitable objects and the ways we serve members here:

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