Case study: “Working with IOSH to approve e-learning courses is an excellent experience”

IOSH has been developing training courses for many years. The IOSH brand stands for excellent products, high quality standards, accessibility and thought leadership in safety and health.

Based in Hertfordshire, training provider First4Safety has been working with IOSH since 1999. Its trainers are IOSH Chartered members and deliver IOSH courses via face-to-face training and e-learning.

First4Safety is the first organisation to be approved using IOSH’s new e-learning standards for course approvals, with its delivery of IOSH’s Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing course. The standards have been created to standardise the e-learning approval process, providing consistency across the board and giving training providers clear guidance for what is required for an e-learning course to be approved.

We spoke with Tom Hoey, Director at First4Safety, about the new e-learning standards and how they help training providers.

Hi Tom. Why is it important to manage health and wellbeing in the workplace?

“Many companies neglect health and wellbeing, and too few managers care or feel that it is their responsibility. However, we are increasingly seeing the need for managers to support their workers, and how cultivating a good safety and health culture within the workplace has social, ethical and business benefits.

Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing covers many of the reasons why health and wellbeing in the workplace is important and provides easy-to-understand advice and information for engaging with workers. Employees are a reflection of management, and if employees are not working safely, often this can be traced back to a management issue.

“It is important we do what we can to educate managers, not only in how to manage safety and health effectively, but also to communicate why they should – whether it’s increased productivity, lower staff absence rates, or more motivated workers, the benefits are many.”

What do you think are the benefits of having set standards for course approvals?

“The IOSH name brings a high level of respect - respect for the knowledge and quality that IOSH provides. We regard ourselves as IOSH online specialists and we have been rated as ‘outstanding’ by IOSH. Historically, we have always ensured we have met and exceeded the high standards set by IOSH. By extending these new standards into online course approvals, we can be sure IOSH will only approve the highest level of quality online learning that should be associated with the Institution.”

Have you found course approvals easier/simpler with the new standards?

“The course approval system is simpler and easier under the new standards, certainly for us, and I am sure also for the approval team. IOSH is known for offering clear and concise information, and it’s great to extend that consistency to the new e-learning standards.”

Was the course approval process for e-learning straightforward?

“Yes, 100%! The approval team are excellent, and we work great together. The recent Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing course was, in fact, approved in ‘record time’, which is a testament to the collaborative approach we take and the effectiveness of the standards. IOSH provides great guidance on the syllabus and of course on the new standards - overall it was an excellent experience.”

What sets First4Safety apart?

Our courses clearly focus on delivering the highest standard of learning and interactive experiences. This, combined with great communication levels with our customers, results in continuous 5-star reviews, but more importantly allows customers to take their learning back to the workplace…after all, this is all about ‘making workplaces safer’! We also now make a donation from every Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing sale to UK mental health charities - to help contribute towards the understanding and promotion of good mental health is very important to us."

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