Fire Risk Management Group survey on attitudes and perceptions

The IOSH Fire Risk Management Group (FRMG) was asked to prepare an article for IOSH magazine on the importance of adequate workplace planning to support a prompt and calm evacuation to an area of safety when an alarm is activated. Although the authors (Gold and Brenan) pointed out that it is widely known and accepted in the profession that complacency is a major hurdle to an effective evacuation, and contributes to fire deaths and serious injury, the editors suggested that this could not be published without substantiation.

The FRMG Committee decided to prepare a survey, after consulting with various organisations and institutions, to draw conclusions to document complacency during fire evacuations. The survey is applicable worldwide.

We are asking each member of the FRMG to download the survey instructions and complete, through face-to-face or telephone interviews, the survey three (or more) times. Once for a an employer (or senior manager), a mid-level manager (or supervisor) and a worker (or operator). The quality of the organisations you choose does not have to represent good practice in fire safety, in fact a cross section of commitment to fire safety principles would enhance the quality of the survey.

Members will have received the link to the survey in an eshot and it can be filled in by members here.

The survey is electronic, so you will need a laptop or a tablet to complete it. As the directions indicate, do not print out or share the survey document as this will compromise the integrity of the data.

The more surveys the IOSH FRMG can complete the more representative our data will be. Please complete the survey by 30 September 2019.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the IOSH FRMG Committee.

We sincerely hope you will be able to take the time to work with the FRMG in this important task.

Our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Kind regards,
Dr David Gold
Chair, IOSH Fire Risk Management Group