Financial Services Group recent events

26 June 2019 - Fire - Feeling the Heat - Event Programme
Complacency during evacuation - Gary Laird
Major Fire Experience: Living the Event & Setting the Scene - Neil Catton
Crisis Command and Being in the Hot Seat - Russ Timpson

03 April 2019 – Wellbeing at work … fit for the future?

05 February 2019 - Social media breadcrumbs, pulling your audience in

Working with Myriad Global Media (MGM), this webinar focused on how businesses can get the best out of social media.

Webinar recording

31 January 2018 - Sally Roth webinar, ‘Counting the cost (sentencing update for health and safety prosecutions)’

07 November 2017 - Jason Williams webinar, 'CDM 2015 Regulations’

30 June 2017 - Webinar - Ergonomics and mental health for agile workers

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