Financial Services - letter from the Chair

February 2019

Since launching our Group, we have been focusing our content on webinars for our members. If you check out our recent events  you can see the diverse nature of these webinars with our last one being how to use social media in our roles in order to sell the H&S message to our workforce.   

Hopefully, we are interesting enough to capture members from across IOSH with our webinar focus, although that’s not all we are talking about. This year we are branching out on collaborative projects and knowledge sharing opportunities which we are hoping to share soon. 

For those of you who enjoy social media we have a Twitter account and a LinkedIn page. I also have my own twitter account or give me a shout on LinkedIn. I’ve also recently set myself a challenge to use social media more at home and work and to that end I’ve started my own blog to talk about Wellbeing. Our social media webinar inspired me to try and learn more.   

We recently finished writing our plans for the next three years and formulating our annual range of events and webinars. One of the things that we want to take on board for this year is to run networking opportunities for our members in addition to continuing with our webinars. This year’s first face to face networking opportunity is on 3 April 2019 on Wellbeing at Work – Fit for the future? Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

If you have any suggestions or want to ask questions about please get in touch with me, or our Relationship Manager, Julie Littlejohns

I look forward to networking with you soon and joining you on our webinars. 

Best wishes

Tony Bough
Chair, Financial Services Group