Construction Group - letter from the Chair

IOSH Construction Group Chair's Update 2019

I am extremely proud to have been given the honour to sit as the Chair of the IOSH Construction Group. Our past Chair, Michael Cash has been superb in leading the group over the recent years and I am pleased to say that he is still a member of the committee for the short to medium term, assisting me in a smooth transition period. Keith Hole retains his position as Vice Chair until he has to step down next year.

Our supporting committee gives representation from training awarding bodies/trainers, the HSE, academic research, clients, designers / engineers, principal contractors, SMEs, consultants and the international community.

We continue to align our strategy with both the IOSH WORK 2022 and the HSEs Sector Strategies for Construction.  Our strategy itself, as with previous strategies, is flexible enough to allow us to react and move with the needs of the current construction climate, IOSH and our membership.  This is particularly important given Grenfell and the outfall from that horrific incident; the move to recognising the importance of wellbeing in the industry; and the lead up to the review of CDM in 2020.  A three year plan is currently under development to demonstrate and outline how we can put our strategic aims into practice.  Please watch this space for further details.

We continue to work with and contribute to influential industry wide groups and organisations such as CONIAC/CONIAN, the Health and Safety Executive, and the CIC.  We also seek to establish working relationships, for the benefit of our members and the construction industry as a whole, with all other professional membership bodies, trade associations, and relevant industry groups.

Group Activities

Over the next year we will be delivering our strategy through the following mechanisms:

  • Webinars (CDM/Temporary Works/MSD’s)
  • Network page updates
  • Articles
  • Conferences and events
  • Collaboration with other Groups and interested parties

If you would like to contact us, you can always email or call our Relationship Manager Laura Bibby at The Grange.

Thank you
Malcolm Shiels
Chair IOSH Construction Group