Staffordshire Branch - letter from the Chair

We are a hugely dedicated branch with a fantastic Committee who are driven in providing all Safety and Health Professionals with guidance and support in all aspects of their day-to-day work activities.

Holding a wide variety of events and soft-skills workshops, which are put together to support you as a valued safety professional.

All of our branch meetings and events are free to attend, unless we advise you otherwise in advance. We may hold other events and workshops throughout the year in addition to our scheduled programme, but we'll notify you when these occur. Priding ourselves on effective communications and upholding the IOSH Code of Conduct, we want to provide you with support and knowledge on the subjects that will be of interest to you in your day-to-day duties. This year's programme is solely based on the feedback we've received in the last year.

Our events are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month of which anyone with a vested interest is health and safety is welcome.

We hold your professional development in the highest regard and provide free monthly CDP/IPD workshops. If you're a new member, you're especially welcome, and if you've attended our meetings before, we're very grateful for your continued support.

We hope this year will be filled with greatness.

Mark James, Chair