South Cumbria and North Lancashire Branch - letter from the Chair

On behalf if your Committee, I would like to give a warm welcome to our members and hope that you will continue to support our events during 2020.

As the Chairman of the South Cumbria and North Lancashire Branch, I’ve discovered that this role is much like climbing a ladder: I need to keep three points of contact at all times!  Thankfully, I’ve found my three points supportive and very strong during my term as Branch Chair.  I regard the three points, in no particular order, as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (our parent organisation); the Joint Committee of this Branch and our associated Safety Group, South Cumbria Occupational Health and Safety Group (SCOHSG): and, of course, YOU the Members.

The past three years have sent many trials for the new Branch; the transition from District to Branch was difficult enough, but this was coupled with internal changes within the Institution that caused communication problems for the committee. Fortunately, this is much better than it was, but not as good as it’s going to be! The Committee have worked with recently appointed officials in IOSH to alert them to things that haven’t worked as well as they could. I am pleased to report that IOSH has taken our feedback on board and have made significant changes, much to our benefit.

Our Joint Committee works hard to promote improvement for both IOSH members and SCOHSG organisations: the Branch provides help and guidance about IOSH CPD requirements; and also provides guidance for smaller companies who do not have enough employees to justify employing a Safety Adviser or regular H&S Consultant. We believe this work is vital to encourage aspiring and existing Safety Professionals to reach out to their local communities, therefore our Branch commit to continuing this important part of our remit.

Finally, to all our members, whether IOSH or SCOHSG, this Branch (and Chairman!) needs your continuing support.  Help us to secure our future by spreading the word (we welcome visitors to our meetings!); networking with each other; choosing relevant topics for our monthly meetings. 

Fortunately, our Committee is peopled by dedicated volunteers who are each tasked with important roles within the Branch and Group.  If you like what we are doing, why not volunteer yourself? IOSH now has a new Mentor/Mentee system in place to offer help and guidance to new volunteers, and the Committees would always make you welcome.

We hope that you will continue to support your Branch into the future.

Jim Tongue

Chairman, South Cumbria and North Lancashire IOSH Branch.