Chiltern Branch recent events

17th October 2019

20 June 2019 - Soft Skills 'OSH Coaching'

16 May 2019 – Shake, rattle and roll! Managing noise and vibration in practice

18 April 2019 - AGM & ask the CEO ‘a leaders perspective’.

  1. Introduction
  2. Update and Leader's Perspective - Bev Messinger
  3. The Leaders Perspective - Margaret Dodwell

21 March 2019 - FLT Incident Survivor - Lisa Ramos

21 February 2019 - Building a Healthier World Together

  1. No Time to Lose - Dr David Thomas
  2. Advantages of good air quality - Dr Andy Dengel
  3. Collective resilience - Chris Cocking
  4. Lighting in the workplace - Dr Cosmin Ticleanu
  5. The dementia home and why - John O’Brien
  6. LOcHER Project - Mark Curry and David Foy

17 January 2019 - Mindfulness
Presentation from Dr Jutta Tobias (Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology)

  1. Introduction
  2. Outline
  3. Mindfulness slides

15 November 2018 - Double meeting; Legal Update (Legal update from Alison Newstead, our in Branch H&S legal expert)

18 October 2018 - Meet the inspector and ISO 45001 update

  1. IOSH Chiltern Branch update
  2. An inspector calls from Fire Authority, Local Authority and HSE. Three different speakers on what to expect when visited by various authorities
  3. Fire Authority presentation
  4. BSI ISO 45001 - 'what have we learnt' presentation

17 May 2018

  1. Independent review of building regulations and fire safety
  2. Building a safer world together
  3. Innovation park brief
  4. Fire explanation and demonstration
  5. DSEAR awareness
  6. Accident description
  7. IOSH Fire Risk Management Group
  8. Fire safety information sheet 1
  9. Fire safety information sheet 2
  10. Emergency procedures - rapid response
  11. Case study
  12. Complacency during evacuation alarms


15 March 2018 - Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference

  1. Speaker and exhibitor profiles
  2. IOSH Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference GSK 15 March 2018
  3. IOSH suicide in construction workshop
  4. IOSH drugs and alcohol awareness workshop
  5. NEBOSH NHC microsite IOSH GSK
  6. NTTL IOSH presentation
  7. IOSH mindful meditation workshop

15 February 2018 - Construction, maintenance and repair hazards
Download the presentation and read Phillip Baker's biography

18 January 2018 - Leadership impact on cultural safety
Download the presentation, culture questionnaire and Kevin Hard's biography

16 November 2017 - Legal update, focusing on recent Case Law
Download How we are communicating with you, equality in the workplace
Download the Legal update
Download the Thriving at work Stevenson farmer review

19 October 2017 - The elephant in the room
IOSH update presentation
IOSH Blueprint leaflet

21 September 2017 - IOSH Chiltern Branch presentations
Managing hand-arm vibration risk presented by Gill Cussons
IOSH WORK 2022 strategy and what to expect from your branch in the coming year

25 May 2017 - Building a safer world for the future of IOSH Chiltern Branch event presentations
Improving access for maintenance in buildings
Legionella control in the real world

20 April 2017 - Presentations
Noise and vibration by Gill Cussons
Chiltern Branch AGM

16 March 2017 - Mental first aid
The mental first aid presentation, presented by Henri Vale along with some practical exercises, aims to raise awareness on how to spot and what to do about colleagues at work who seem to be suffering with mental health issues.

16 February 2017 - HSL Soft skills for positive communication

17 January 2017 - Accident investigation presentation
Presentation by Matthew Lee, former HSE Inspector and registered Consultant
Events and Casual Factors Analysis Aug 1995 used for practical workshop